Student Groups

Service Learnings

Involves cooperative rather than competitive experiences and thus promote skills associated with teamwork and community involvement and citizenship.

Addresses complex problems in complex settings rather than simplified problems in isolation.

Offers powerful opportunities to acquire the habits of critical thinking; i.e. the ability to identify the most important questions or issues within a real-world situation.

Is more likely to be personally meaningful to the participants and to generate emotional consequences, to challenge values as well as idea’s, and to support social, emotional and cognitive learning and development.


ESNA is an exceptional resource for your service-learning experience. Our members have worked with El Salvadoran communities for over 20 years and share a commitment to improve the quality of living for the communities we support and the quality of the educational experience for the students who travel with us.

An optimal service-learning partnership between ESNA and a college or university would start with a faculty member who would recruit 10-25 students for a 1-8 week trip to El Salvador. The goal is to establish a long-term relationship between the college/university and a particular community in El Salvador, maintained by annual trips. This consistent, face-to-face approach ensures a more personal, efficient, and sustainable relationship. The best partnerships include multi -year commitments, with annual trips to the same community.

ESNA will work to match the needs of each community with each group’s interests. Course CREDIT MAY BE AVAILABLE, so please engage us with your school to ensure compliance at For more information download our ESNA Service Learning kit 2010