Where We Work

Communities We Assist

Berlin, Usulutan

The founders of ESNA Village Network began its work in Berlin, Usulutan in 1996. Berlin is a 45-minute drive up the mountain from El Salvador’s second largest city, San Miguel. Typical challenges for the rural villagers of Berlin are the dirt roads that often become impassable in the rainy season, lack of potable water and the continued deforestation of the land for firewood.

Caluco, Sonsonate

The Municipality of Caluco, Sonsonate has eight rural villages and since 2009, has moved up from being the 4th poorest in country to 46th on the poverty map - an improvement of 42 spots – which shows that ESNA, along with other organizations, has improved the standards of living for many rural families and villages. Still lots of work is needed and we will continue to do our part. Caluco has roughly a population of over 10,000 people and many still survive on just $30.00 a month per family.

Suchitoto, Cuscatlan

Suchitoto is a historic colonial town in El Salvador with cobblestone streets, colonial houses, rich cultural traditions, and panoramic views of Lake Suchitlán. ESNA has worked alongside communities such as Copapayo, La Mora and La Primavera. Some of the earliest fighting of the civil war began in Suchitoto, accompanied by much destruction and emigration.

Map of El Salvador